10 Mistakes That Ruin Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving stuffing

In my family, Thanksgiving stuffing isn't exactly a science. It usually comes from a bag, gets cooked in whichever way the instructions say you're supposed to cook it, and then the flavor doesn't matter because it's doused with gravy. With that said, I feel sort of bad that we haven't given the stuffing the attention it deserves the past, oh, 20 years or so. The hard truth? Homemade stuffing is totally amazing. Heck, it can be fantabulous! I've seen the light -- and that light is homemade stuffing.

The only catch? You just have to go about making it the right way.


Thanksgiving stuffing mistakes

Check out these 10 mistakes that ruin stuffing, then tell us: What's the worst mistake you've made while preparing Thanksgiving dinner? 


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