Black Widow Spiders Found on Grapes -- AGHH!

black widowYou guys. People have been finding black widow spiders on their grapes at supermarkets all over the country. AGH! That's all. I just wanted to let you know. Carry on. As you were. The end.

Crap, my editor says I have to provide more details that that. Can't we just all agree not to buy grapes until someone tells us the spiders are gone? I told her I'M TOO SCARED TO FIND OUT MORE but apparently it's my job to find out more, so here goes. Grape-spider sightings have been reported in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. And it's not one particular chain of grocery stores,


Aldi pulled grapes from all their stores in Milwaukee, WI. But spiders were also found at Kroger's and who knows how many other stores. As it happens, black widows and other spiders like building their webs on grape vines. So that's inconvenient for us.

At least we're not talking Brazilian walking spiders, like those found on bananas last week. That would be worse. So much worse.

If you like grapes, you should probably find a new favorite fruit. Oh, I'm kidding! You should probably just inspect your grapes so very carefully before purchasing them. And that's perfectly easy to do when you've got a five-year-old whining about why you won't buy his favorite sugary cereal and a one-year-old who grabs at everything, including spider-coated grapes. Good luck grocery shopping. I wish you well. I really do. Anybody in the mood for some pineapple instead?

How closely do you inspect your fresh produce before buying it?


Image via Anissa Wood/Flickr


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