Couple Who Stiffed Lesbian Waitress Invited Back to Restaurant for a Meal, if They Dare

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customer When you go out to eat, you expect a couple of different things. You expect good food and good service. If the service meets your expectations -- or surpasses them -- you expect to pay a tip of anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. The amount you decide to leave your server has nothing to do with anything other than how attentive and friendly they were to you, or how quick to address any concerns you had during the meal they might have been.

One server in New Jersey found herself in the uncomfortable position of being denied a tip. This happened not because she was rude, or unhelpful, or the customers were unhappy with their meal. Dayna Morales (a veteran) was left an offensive note instead of a tip because the customers believed her to be a lesbian and, thus, could not "support her lifestyle." Oy. Oy. Oy. And also, barf. But the story doesn't end there.

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Although Morales's story has garnered a lot of media attention -- more than she ever expected -- it also shone a light on the restaurant where she works. When asked about the incident, her manager, Byron Lapolla, said something jaw-dropping. The couple who stiffed and bullied Morales wouldn't be banned from the restaurant. The manager's reasoning? The restaurant is a public place.

I think there's much more at play, and it's mainly homophobia. I feel like I have come across in my life more than one person who has been "banned" from an establishment for one reason or another (I travel with an illustrious crowd). While I understand the manager's impulse to adhere to the old adage about the customer always being right, there are some cases where the customer is simply wrong. This is one of those times. As the manager of the establishment, he has a responsibility not just to diners, but to his staff. He owes it to his employees to ensure that they are treated with respect. As of right now, Morales is still working at Gallop. I think her boss owes it to her to see that she's never treated this way under his roof again. 

Do you think her manager should ban the couple in question?


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crunc... crunchymomma87

They didn't do anything illegal and he can't legally ban them without a restraining order and reason. The restaurant also didn't put up a big sign that said "BIGOTS AND NON-TIPPERS WELCOME!". They didn't exactly "invite them back" but they are choosing not to take legal action that they have no legal ground to stand on

Allison Schmidt

When they come in the eat, have a bunch of average lesbians serve them and see what happens

nonmember avatar J

I agree with crunchy, he has no legal reason to ban them. For being rude to a server? Then the holier than thou people will simply try to sue the restaurant. However, he didn't fire the waitress as has been the case with a lot of waitresses who put notes on tabs online. So there is some support there.

Nelli... NellieAthome

No he should not ban them  Ms Stokes, this couple, while obviously bigoted, have a right to their beliefs and the right to follow those beliefs. Being rude is not illegal, if it were hundreds of thousands of customers would be banned every day, as would 2/3 of the writers for The Stir on any given day. And, whatever the reason, it is not illegal to refuse to tip nor is lack of a tip a reason to ban a customer.

Although, crunchymomma87, assuming he has a "We reserve the right to refuse service" yes, he can legally ban them. Also establishments without that sign can ban customers who have doe nothing illegal but have been disruptive in other ways.


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