Martha Stewart’s Food Photo FAILS Are Almost Too Gross to See (PHOTOS)

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martha stewart foodYou guys, I am greatly disillusioned. It's just so horrible, how do I even start? Apparently Domestic Goddess Martha Stewart tweets the most revolting food photography ever seen. Yes, that Martha Stewart. Ms. Perfect. The woman behind one of the most pristinely photographed lifestyle magazines EVER. The woman who pretty much invented modern-day entertaining. (She didn't but let's just pretend she did.) The woman who prefaces every ingredient in every recipe with the words, "the best you can find." Her own personal food photography? Craptastic. You have to see it. Just promise me you won't look at these photos while you're eating because ... ughhhh.

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belie... believeitornot

Everything still looks better than the slop that comes out of my kitchen...haha


Reminds me of one of those smelly scenes in a fabreeze commercial.

the4m... the4mutts

You know, there's a soul food restraunt here in my town that every dish looks like its literally made of poo and puke.

I almost wouldnt touch my food when they brought it out. But my father in law was paying, and I wanted to be polite

SOOO glad I did! It was awesome!

One of the pics in the slideshow has a place card with Martha's name on it. I wonder if she made all of this, or maybe some were dishes served at a dinner she attended?

nonmember avatar efred

Oh, good grief! My dog has vomited up better looking stuff than that! (Seriously; she once threw up something black with maggots wiggling around in it at my wife's feet, and it looked more appetizing than this)

lalab... lalaboosh

It looks like she has a terrible eye for photography! She needs to use less flash, frame her shots better, and choose a filter that brings out APPETIZING colors and textures.

Jerry Deutsch

She's not a photographer. These images just goes to show you why you need us professional photographers specializing in food. Food is not an easy subject.

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