What Your Thanksgiving Dinner Says About You

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Thanksgiving dinner plate

It's Thanksgiving! Time to loosen your belt, find your stretchy pants, and call dibs on the most comfortable spot on the couch. It's time to fill your gut with the most glutinous foods around. T-day isn't the time to worry if your butt is going to jiggle like cranberry sauce, it's time to be thankful for all the wild, wacky, and wonderful things in your life. Speaking of ... what a wild, wacky, and wonderful life it is, right?

People can tell a lot about your life by what you eat and how you eat it. You are what you eat kind of thing, but in a whole other realm of weird. These are my guesses of what your style of Thanksgiving dinner says about you. See if I'm spot on.

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what does your thanksgiving dinner say about you

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful you read this.

What kind of Thanksgiving person are you? Was the description accurate?


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nonmember avatar Mal

I suppose I'm none of these. I'm hosting my first thanksgiving this year and I'm makin Cornish game hens instead of turkey lol. Tons of sides 3 appetizers and 3 desserts. But if I were to purchase a turkey it would be a free range organic type of turkey.

prplecat prplecat

I'll cook a turkey, because then we'll have leftovers in the freezer.  The sides will be pretty simple...just 2 of us for dinner this year. Otherwise I'd be doing an entire feast.  NONE of these fit me!

Angie... AngieHayes

I am so glad you feel sorry for us "vegetarians". We feel sad for turkeys, which is why we don't eat them. Maybe you should feel sad for someone else because if vegetarians Wanted to eat dead animals, they could, they just don't. Are you some kind of special?

wendy... wendywendy

My grandpa used to get free turkeys from winning local golf tournaments.  He would enter the tournaments based on whether turkeys were one of the prizes.  So every Thanksgiving  as we ate he would say "not bad for a free turkey!".  Every Thanksgiving.

So I guess my family is more like #1.  But I have zero control over what is served, aside from the salad.  I am personally more like a hybrid #2 and #3, with a little #1 thrown in.  Definitely would have gluten on the table.

godde... goddess99

I'm vegan so I eat the foods I love.

dusky... dusky_rose

You need a new category, because none of these fit me.

Siste... Sisteract

The kind of person who chooses to work on TGD and merely tolerates the meal served. Not my favorite meal.

virgi... virginiamama71

Going out to eat is me but not for those reasons mentioned.

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