5 Foods You Are Probably Storing Incorrectly Right Now

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To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question. At least, it's the question if you're talking about eggs. Here in the States we refrigerate our eggs. This isn't because we're overzealous and freaked out about disease for no reason -- there's science behind our madness!

Because in America, our hens aren't immunized against salmonella like the hens in Europe. Additionally, we refrigerate our eggs because our intense egg-cleaning process strips the egg of its naturally protective cuticle. If you live in Europe, by all means, keep your eggs in the cupboard. But if you live stateside, it's not a risk you should take based on how the eggs are prepared.


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But eggs aren't the only thing we fret about when it comes to proper food storage. For every person who thinks they've finally got it down, there's another study out there that says everything they're doing is wrong. So what IS the right way to store these foods? While my research hasn't been exhausted (because of boredom), I think I can help you out with a few.

What stuff are you firm about keeping in the fridge regardless of the rules?

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