The Color of Thanksgiving Dinner Could Ruin It for Everyone (VIDEO)

zooey dechanelYou know what? There's something about Thanksgiving dinner that no one ever talks about. Something truly disturbing. Something only one soul has been brave enough to admit in public. That brave soul? Zooey Dechanel, of all people. On Jimmy Kimmel Live she revealed her controversial opinion on Thanksgiving dinner: It's not so great. Why? Because of the color scheme. Look at your plate when you have your feast this year. What colors do you see?


"Most of it's beige or gray," Zooey says. "So you have turkey, which is beige. Stuffing, beige. Mashed potatoes, off-white ..." Oh man, she has a point there. If you put it that way, Thanksgiving is kind of monochromatic -- unlike, say, your Fourth of July barbecue. And don't get her started on stuffing. "Stuffing is like salty, wet, soggy bread." No she didn't! Yes she did. And you haven't even read what she said about turkey, the holy grail of Thanksgiving.

I'm not against turkey. But if we're talking about poultry, there are superior: Chicken and duck.


But she's right, you know. Thanksgiving is potentially bland and beige, and I think some people actually like it that way. But it doesn't have to be like that. You don't have to eat the white breast meat. You could venture over to that dark meat thigh. Welcome to flavor country!

And you could add some wonderful vegetable sides. I mean, just look at this Brussels sprouts and brown rice dish. Pretty! And there's the cranberry sauce. Dude, get some of that on your plate. Sweet potatoes! Green beans! Cook everything until it's just barely done instead of mush and you'll have a whole rainbow plate. It doesn't have to be like this, you guys.

Do you have a problem with the color scheme of Thanksgiving dinner?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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