Awesome Chef Takes Down the Thief Who Stole From His Restaurant

chefEver wonder why most cat-burglars are pictured wearing all black? They dress inconspicuously to escape notice and evade capture. Clearly somebody forgot to give one Chicago-based thief this bit of helpful advice. He decided it was in his best interest to wear a stripey-sweater while getting his thievery on. Little did he know one local chef, Jason Chan, was going to issue him a very serious beat-down.

Isn't it sort of a thing that dude-chefs have a lot of aggression? I mean, would you ever try to steal from Gordon Ramsay? Absolutely not. Because he would end your life and keep a piece of your scalp in the folds of his forehead skin as a warning to all his enemies.


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Clearly this thief hasn't watched a lot of televised reality-based cooking competitions. Chef Chan thought he looked suspicious from the moment the guy entered the restaurant. When he took off running with a regular patron's cellphone, Chan pursued him on foot. Once he caught the guy, Chan put his martial arts training (seriously) to work. He apprehended the phone-taker, and was rewarded with a bottle of scotch from the phone's owner. Everyone should reward people with a bottle of scotch -- or at least reward me with one.

Stories like this only add to the mystique and allure levels of chefs. What can't they do? The story's twice as great because it's an example of customer service in the food industry that could literally get no better. The next time someone I know whines about a meal they get at a restaurant, I'm going to tell them about Chef Chan. Because can you imagine the food this guy serves up? It's got to be awesome. If you care SO MUCH that you are going to risk physical harm for the sake of your customers, then you know the grub is going to be beyond divine.

How far would you go to help a stranger who'd been robbed?


Image via Laurie L. Stalteri/Flickr

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