Emily Maynard Makes a Horrifying Grocery Store Discovery That's All Too Familiar

funfetti cupcakesI have a sad tale of first-world problems -- but it's one we can all probably relate to. We begin with our reality TV heroine in the grocery store, buying the ingredients for cupcakes. But alas! One key ingredient is missing. Quoth former Bachelorette Emily Maynard, "What happened to @BettyCrocker Rainbow Chip icing?? How am I supposed to make funfetti cupcakes without it?" How indeed, Emily Maynard. HOW INDEED.

No seriously, though. How do you make funfetti cupcakes without rainbow chip icing? Ooh, I hate it when your favorite food just disappears from store shelves. That is the worst! Well, not the worst, worst. But it's still annoying.


I remember when my favorite brand of chicken suddenly flew from the shelves with no explanation. Yeah, I said it -- I have a favorite brand of chicken. Doesn't everybody? Fortunately it turned out they were just changing their packaging and the chickens are back! But without the feet, which was one of the things I loved about them. (Because you make stock with them and it gives you super immunity powers -- oh never mind.)

And then there's my favorite yogurt for breakfast, which disappears from the cooler every so often. How am I supposed to start my morning without it? And when they're out of my favorite pistachio apricot granola -- well, forget it. I might as well stay in bed until the stuff returns. God forbid it should ever be discontinued. Don't get me started on my feelings about my favorite olive oil. That's just going to get embarrassing.

No word from Betty Crocker in Emily's thread, but FYI Emily, you can stock up on that rainbow chip frosting online. Wilton did pipe up to say she could fold in their Rainbow Chip Crunch (sprinkles?) into icing. So all is not lost. Use your imagination, Ems!

Have any of your favorite foods ever disappeared or been discontinued?


Image via Stacy/Flickr

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