Horrible Restaurant Accused of Hiding 'Ugly' Customers in the Back

A disgruntled ex-hostess of a fancy-pants restaurant in Paris has come forward with the owner's discriminative seating policy for guests. She said that she was instructed to seat “handsome and beautiful” people up front, and keep the ugly customers in the back at Georges in the world famous Pompidou Centre.

She was told that it was "bad image" to have less attractive people on front-row display, and she would “land herself in trouble with management” if she didn’t comply.


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According to the source, her boss didn’t even try to be discreet with the looks-based discrimination. “He drummed these house rules into us, and he was very proud of them because he came up with them,” she claimed.

"There are beautiful people, you put them here. There are not-beautiful people, you put them there -- it's really not that complicated," she quoted him as saying.

She was even trained how to pick up on “linguistic clues” so that she could tell where to sit people when they called to make reservations.

Side note: I didn’t know that pretty people sounded different than ugly ones as a general rule.

If she couldn’t tell whether the caller was beautiful or not, she would tell them she’d do her best to find a table and make a judgment call when they showed up.

The exception to the rule, of course, was for celebrities. Ugly celebrities were allowed to sit in full view of the public. Because fame has its advantages you know.

The restaurant’s ownership group would neither deny nor confirm such a policy when contacted for comment.

Maybe there’s a cliché about the French being snooty for a reason.

Would you eat at Georges?


Image via George Hatcher/Flickr

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