5 Tasty Ways to Use Your Leftover Lasagna Noodles

lasagna noodlesThere is nothing more satisfying than a lasagna. Hello, my name is Garfield the cat, and I approve this message. Just kidding, it is really me, Becca Stokes, a writer and not a cat, though I too reserve a fierce hatred for Mondays and a passion for this noodle-laden, warm, saucy entree.

Lasagna! I sing your name from the hills! Of course because I am too plain to have lured a man into my lair, I mostly cook for myself. While weeping. This initially involved a lot of trial and error since I come from a family of six. Every meal I made could serve six people. I've since learned how to portion out my cooking, but lasagna's tricky. They don't sell boxes of noodles designed for one person. So what do to with those leftover noodles?


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Because a lasagna is nothing more than pasta that has gotten cocky, there are loads of things you can do with any leftover noodles you might have hanging out. Whatever route you decide to go with them, be it über creative or just practical, don't throw them out! They are perfectly good food and with just a minute's thought can make a second, new appearance on your dinner plates.

1.) Dessert!

We don't normally think 'noodles' when we're thinking dessert. This is because we are mere mortals who dare not dream of the sun. Come on, guys -- let's up our game and make an apple kugel that is to die for!

2.) Soup Shapes!

Sure, you chuck these guys willy nilly into your chicken soup -- or you can break out the cookie cutters and make some fun shapes. Great for kids, adults, and those in between.

3.) Let's Dip!

Trust me on this one. Chop your noodles into big chunks, fry them up in a little olive oil until they are crispy, sprinkle Parmesan and pepper, and then serve with the dip of your choice. LIKE HEAVEN.

4.) 'Undone' Ravioli

Sure, ravioli is cute, but we know it's allll about what's happening inside. Serve up your noodles with red sauce, ricotta, and meatballs, and you've got naked raviolis -- very cute.

5.) Stroganoff

You don't need to stay in Italy with your pasta -- sub in these leftover noodles in your favorite beef stroganoff recipe. Fab.

What do you do with your leftover lasagna noodles?


Image via The Food Passionates/Corbis

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