5 Strange Holiday Candies to Disgust & Delight (PHOTOS)

bad santaThe holiday season is fast upon us! Quick, everyone take a minute to breathe into this only-slightly-greasy paper bag, which I have procured to soothe the panic attack that my initial exclamation has induced. Better? Good! IT IS ALMOST THANKSGIVING, WHICH MEANS IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS.

I have just proven how easy it is to get overwhelmed during this joyous tide of yules and turkeys. There's so much pressure to make sure that everything is "perfect." This concept is a borked one from go, because "perfect" is about as real as unicorns twirling on a stripper's pole while Bigfoot accompanies them with some killer castanet action.


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It's critical to remember that this time of year is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to joyful. It's an opportunity not to take things so seriously. That is why it is the Joker's favorite time of year. I am kidding, we all know that the Joker prefers Arbor Day for reasons inexplicable. 

To that end, here are some sweet treats that keep in mind the true reason for the season -- humor! We've rounded up some of the weirdest holiday candies we could find and put them in a slide-show for your amusement. Because second only to text messaging, internet slide-shows are the great technology every devised. Add a laugh to the stocking of someone you know who could use this chortle this year.

Do you have any weird food traditions for the holidays?


Images via epicharmus/Flickr; ThinkGeek; Jones Soda; Gadgets&Gear; Stupid; Amazon

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