Pecan Pie-Flavored Potato Chips Take Holiday Flavors Way Too Far

pecan pie pringlesPlease do not tell me that pecan pie is the new pumpkin. Please tell me this is not happening. I don't think I can take it. Just when I thought we'd survived Pumpkin-Flavored Everything Mania 2013 it appears the food industry may be trying to make Pecan Pie-Flavored Everything happen. Or maybe I'm just feeling paranoid after finding out Pringles has come out with a pecan pie-flavored potato chip. Really, potato chip companies? We're so desperate for new flavors that you're raiding Thanksgiving now?

According to the HuffPo taste-testers the chips don't even taste like pecan pie. They taste more like maple syrup and French toast, and they're incredibly sweet. They also say the chips "are not the worst," which shouldn't be confused with "taste great!" But l almost don't even care if they're good or bad. My issue is this blatant example of holiday flavor abuse.


I get it -- we have warm, sentimental associations with holiday foods. Get a waft of pumpkin spice up your nostril and suddenly you're transported to a childhood walk through your leaf-strewn neighborhood, wrapped in a carmine red scarf. Get a whiff of pecan pie, and you're in your mom's den again with the whole family, yelling over a game of Monopoly while you all stuff yourselves with pie after a Thanksgiving feast.

But if there's anything I hate about food, it's when it's FAKE. I hate fake-out food. I hate artificial flavors. I hate food that's supposed to taste like something but doesn't. And I really hate ersatz nostalgia delivered in a cheap plastic container. Don't even get me started on the idea of cinnamon and sugar potato chips because WHY GOD WHY?!?

Not to mention, pumpkin spice is still happening through the rest of the month. Next month it will be peppermint everything -- even foods that have no business fraternizing with peppermint. You know it's coming. Enough, already! Leave my holiday food alone. If I want a potato chip, maybe, just maybe, I want it to taste like potato. Ever think of that?

How do you feel about holiday-themed snack food -- fun or yucky?


Image via Kellogg's


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