The Most Popular Sandwiches in Each State -- Did Yours Make the Cut?

When it comes to my all-time favorite places to eat, Paris tops the list and Rome comes in a very close second. But while chefs in both of these cities do wonderful things at dinnertime, they always leave me wanting more around noon -- when the best food in the world to chow down on is a big, hearty, delicious American sandwich. I am far from the only one who feels this way. The country actually pays tribute to this culinary treat with National Sandwich Day on November 3, and incredibly cool maps like this one show the best sandwich from every state. But don't be surprised if, like me, your favorite sandwich didn't make the cut. 


Some of the selections will fail to surprise you. Aside from being a beautiful place to visit, one of Maine's claims to fame is its lobster roll, and this list doesn't even try to deny that. Louisiana has to have its po' boy and Pennsylvania its cheesesteak. Oregon is known for its amazing vegetarian fare like falafel, coastal states such as Alaska and Delaware should naturally feature fresh fish in their sandwiches (salmon in Alaska and soft-shell fried crab in The First State), and I can't think of a paradise other than Hawaii where I'd rather munch on slow-roasted pork with coleslaw. Mmmm.

But for goodness' sake, some of the other choices are lame as hell. I know California boasts the best avocados, but an Avocado Club Sandwich is bor-ring and doesn't do California cuisine justice. How do you not pay homage to its fish tacos? And I'm sure West Virginia has wonderful apples, but it also has top-notch ham. How was their meat overlooked in favor of an apple and peanut butter sandwich?

I wasn't shocked to see a bagel with cream cheese and lox featured as New York's number one choice, but I'm not sure I agree. It's iconic, sure, and we definitely have the best bagels on earth, but I've met maybe three people in my life who regularly order lox on their bagels. So now I can't help but wonder how many of you have actually eaten the top sandwich in your state? 

What did you think of your state's top sandwich choice? 


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