Man Goes to Ridiculous Lengths to Get Out of Paying Restaurant Bill

moneyYou know that feeling when you're out at a restaurant, having a great time, maybe you order a little too much ... and then the bill comes. You think to yourself, Ugh ... do I really owe THAT much? But you shake it off, pay the bill, and go on your merry way.

Well, that's not exactly how things went for Andrew Palmer, a 46-year-old serial "Dine and Dasher" who did the unthinkable to get out of paying a $50 bill at an Italian restaurant. Personally, I am shocked and disgusted that someone would stoop to such a low level just to save a few bucks. It's sad, really.

Head over to Huffington Post to see the horrific antics he pulled, which landed him in jail. And trust me, whatever you're thinking it could be ... it's so much worse.


Image via gwen/Flickr

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