6 Things Only a Coffee Addict Can Understand

coffeeCoffee is the nectar of the gods. When I think back on all the years I wasted not drinking coffee, I could weep. I come from Rhode Island, the land of all-things-coffee. Coffee ice cream, coffee milk, and of course, iced coffees the size of your head. 

While I consider myself to be a pretty stable person mentally, there is no doubt that coffee can totally change my mood. That's because I am addicted. I've quit several things that are not so good for me (I'm looking at you, cigarettes). I know it's not healthy to have a dependence on anything. But coffee is a monkey I have no intention of shaking from my back. I'm sure all you other coffee addicts out there totally understand. 


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After all, not addictions are alike. Coffee's different -- it's good for you! I'd also argue that if the worst thing it does is make me happier and funnier -- bring it on. Plus, me grumpy is something no one should deal with. Me without coffee is me grumpy as all get out. In the immortal words of the Hulk, you won't like me when I'm angry.

But coffee is more than a drink that makes us cheerful -- it's a lifestyle! It's how we socialize. It's how we relax. It's sets the stage for the rest of our day! Here are 6 things that only a coffee addict could totally understand. 

1. What It's Like to Hit That Perfect Level of Caffination

jim carrey typing fast

It's like seeing the face of God. And God is emptying your inbox in 20 minutes flat. 

2. What It's Like to Find the New Perfect Cup

nicolas cage

Who knew that the strange vegan deli on your way to work contained such splendor! Day = made. 

3. What It's Like When Someone Offers You Tea

so mad


4. What It's Like When You Wake Up & Realize You Are Out of Coffee


There are no words. Only tears. And screaming.

5. What It's Like When It Wears Off



6. And What It's Like When You Meet Another Coffee Addict


Cheers, worthy friend.

Are you a coffee addict, or do you have another warm beverage of choice?

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