3 Guys Show the Wrong Way to Leave a $200 Tip (VIDEO)

give back films tipping waitress $200I love a good generous tipping story, don't you? When some hard-working restaurant worker is left with a huge chunk of change, it gives us all hope for humanity. Three men from GiveBackFilms enjoyed a meal at IHOP and then surprised their waitress by handing her a $200 tip. She was thrilled, of course. She's the mother of two young children, so I'm sure that money means the world to her. The three men caught the whole thing on camera: Handing the waitress the money, seeing her grateful reaction, following her to the back of the restaurant for some more reaction ...

Um, okay, guys? That's wonderful. I get what you're trying to do here -- you're trying to inspire others to "give back." And I really hate to quibble over a good deed. But ... this video just makes me all sorts of uncomfortable. 


They stick around for the thanks! It's kind of awkward, actually. When you make a grand gesture like this, it's more gracious to do so anonymously. You're not supposed to stand around like a beneficent king, accepting thanks like you just saved a life or something. When you leave a surprise big tip anonymously, you're driving home the importance of doing a good deed for the right reason: Not for the thanks or an immediate reward, but simply to make the world a better place.

Leave your identity a mystery, and that waitress is going to look at each and every one of her customers differently. She'll give back to more people.

And if the filmmakers wanted to capture the whole thing on film, they could have done that with hidden cameras or even some friends who stand in for them. Oh guys. You came so close -- you need a do-over! Try again at another IHOP, but this time, make sure you don't get thanked. Just leave the money on the table. That would be truly inspiring.

Do you think sticking around to get thanked kind of defeats the purpose of creating an inspiring good-deed video?


Image via GiveBackFilms/YouTube

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