Turn Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Delicious Dessert (VIDEO)

If your house is like mine, you're currently surrounded by huge amounts of Halloween candy! The question is, what can we do with all that candy without wasting it. Donating Halloween candy is always a great option, but even tastier than donating candy is the idea of making something spectacular with it! I went to Pinterest to find out what I could do with all of our candy and was thrilled to discover leftover Halloween candy bark seemed to be a real hit. The best part is that this chocolaty treat requires no baking and no additional ingredients ... JUST your Halloween candy! You can also make it now and then freeze it for a time when you've all come out of the Halloween sugar coma.


I couldn't wait to give this no-bake Halloween candy bark a try! Watch this video and find out if my efforts ended with a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail!

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What are you doing with all of your kids' leftover Halloween candy?

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