5 Cool Things to Do With a Lemon Other Than Eat It

lemon suckerI love lemons. Should some youthful hooligan ever instruct me to go suck on a lemon before tooling off to play stick ball, I will probably just say, "THANK YOU YOUNG MAN I THINK I SHALL." They are a magical fruit. Lemons aid digestion, they smell fresh and bright and clean, and they are a great secret ingredient in so many dishes and desserts.

But lemons ain't just for cooking or telling crotchety ladies to suck anymore! Lemons can be put to work in a myriad of ways. There's a joke about squeezing every last drop out of them to be made here, but I'll spare us all that indignity and just move right along.


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There are so many problems around the house (also on your face) that you can fix with a simple squirt of this splendid treasure. But don't waste your time trolling the Internet demanding that it spill forth its lemony secrets! Relax and stay put, I've done it for you. Here are 5 things you can do with a lemon instead of eating the heck out of it (or, conversely, making lemonade).

1. Beautify Your Feet!

Got rough bumpy foot-skin? Rife with hideous calluses? Rub some lemon on them! Then tape the actual fruit to your foot for an hour or so. It will peel away the dead skin and leave your feet looking fab.

2. Heal Your Garbage Disposal!

Even the cleanest kitchen can suffer from the stank of a hard-workin' garbage disposal. Chuck half a lemon in there along with some warm water, run as usual, and presto! Stank be gone.

3. Refresh Your Cutting Board!

After washing with soap and water, rub a slice of lemon on the wood. It will sanitize and, over time, cure stains.

4. Whiter Whites!

Forget bleach -- sub in lemon juice for a natural, stain-banishing boost the next time you wash your whites. Plus the smell is heavenly.

5. Cure Acne!

After washing your face, apply juice to your skin. The vitamin C will brighten your complexion and the juice will eat up some of that grease and bacteria.

What weird uses do you have for lemons or other fruits and vegetables?


Image via Heide Benser/Corbis

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