5 of the Rudest Things People Do in Grocery Stores (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Oct 25, 2013 Food & Party

grocery woesGrocery stores
are enigmas. From the giant chains in all their splendor, to the tiny ones that seem to sell only a single head of lettuce and a half eaten loaf of bread. They are the greatest places on earth if you've got nothing but time and a desire to wander. Plus, they are full of food which makes them immediately awesome. But most of us don't have hours, minutes, or even seconds to spare. That plus jobs plus the million other moving parts that make up a day can turn grocery shopping from a pleasure into a total, maddening disaster.

God forbid you go in after right the school day or work day is over. You might have planned to only spend five minutes in the place, but when you emerge later the sun has set and you have aged a hundred years. Just like Rip Van Winkle before you. There is no amount of discounted breakfast cereal that will ease such an ache. 

Before I moved to New York I loved grocery stores. I also didn't have a real job, so spending hours delicately adding boutique items into my cart while drinking a cup of coffee was a very real occurrence. But now that I'm a grown-up and employed in the big city, I've got to prep myself with positivity mantras and lot of centering breaths before I enter the grocery store.

They are often crowded, everyone has their headphones in, some people seem to have never used a shopping cart before, and oh my god how many people are they buying all that deli meat for? I've compiled 5 of the most annoying things that happen at the grocery store. Check 'em out and then come back here and tell me all about what bugs you!

What's the most annoying thing that's ever happened to you at the grocery store?  


Image via Alberto Ruggieri/Corbis 

  • Fruit Squeezers


    Image via Anna Watson/Corbis

    Sure, we all like to make sure we're buying good fruit. But what about those people who seem to have a vendetta out against every piece on the shelves? They scowl, they pout, and they squeeze the ever-loving hell out of each and every melon. To make matters worse, they then leave most of the battered produce behind, just as damaged emotionally as it is physically. 

  • Extreme Couponers


    Image via Bettman/Corbis 

    DAMN YOU TELEVISION, DAMN YOU TO HELL. Where once coupons were occasional, practical things we used to save dollars while shopping, now they are the provenance of extreme coupon hunters. These folks wipe out the shelves, use too many carts, and monopolize the registers treating the poor sixteen year old clerk like the not-charismatic host of an extremely monotonous game show. 

  • Sneaky Samplers


    Image via A Nice Idea Everyday/Corbis 

    It's not quite stealing -- but it's not quite...NOT stealing either. These snackers nibble away on grapes, guzzle down drinks and nosh on whatever they come into contact with. Suuure there are the decent ones who hand over their half-empty bottles to be scanned and paid for. But I've never once seen someone say to a clerk, "excuse me I also ate roughly eighty grapes - you'll need to add those to my bill." I see you, sampler, and you are a monster. 

  • Headphone Wearers


    Image via HBSS/Corbis 

    Oh sure, you may have a grand old time bobbing your head along to the 'Pina Colada' song. But I've been standing behind you for forty minutes desperate to grab some Triscuits. Hate you. 

  • Clueless Cart Drivers


    Image via Ocean/Corbis 

    Dude, I know. The grocery store is very exciting. But how is it, exactly that you cannot fathom the way a grocery cart works? It is not for hitting other people out of the way, it is not for blocking off an entire aisle and it is DEFINITELY not for slowing down everyone else and you try to figure out if you can sleep and push your cart at the same time. 

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