Have a 'Smashing' First Birthday, Baby!

smash cakeThe following is a post from our sponsor, Betty Crocker.

Even though they’re only turning 1 year old, many babies get two (yes, TWO!) cakes when they celebrate their first birthday. One is reserved for cutting into civilized pieces and serving to all the guests. The other cake -- affectionately (and accurately) known as the “smash” cake -- is reserved just for baby to dig into with his own little hands. It’s an adorably messy photo op for parents and an exciting and tasty moment for baby!


It doesn’t matter that in seconds the whole thing will be gleefully destroyed by a toddler about to embark on his or her first serious sugar rush. Not at all! You will likely go to great lengths to make the most perfect, most cute, most absolutely irresistible cake for your baby because that’s all part of the fun. Thankfully, Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting make it so easy to bake and decorate your baby’s adorable first-birthday smash cake. The effort is all worth it once you see that look of utter awe and glee and delight on baby’s face as she puts her frosting-covered fists in her mouth and enjoys her first sweet taste. It’s one of the few times when making an utter and total mess isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged! And the result is always awwwww-inspiring:

Will your baby have a smash cake at his or her first birthday? Did your older children have one?

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