5 Amazing Things to Do With Avocados Besides Eat Them

avocadoI happen to love eating avocados. Sometimes I'll bring a whole avocado for lunch and eat it plain, just like that. Such is my deep and abiding love for the fruit. But there is more you can do with an avocado than make guacamole or that spinach strawberry salad they always serve at baby showers. (Anyone else know what I'm talking about?) Avocados can make you beautiful from the inside -- and they can make you beautiful from the outside, too! Here's 5 things you can do with avocados that will make you positively glow.


1. Moisturizing face mask: Clueyblog has three different avocado face masks. And here's a recipe for the popular avocado and egg white face mask, known to be great for both oily and dry skin.

2. Conditioning hair mask: Give your hair a super-moisturizing boost with this simple avocado hair mask. It's just avocado and olive oil. I love this idea in theory, but I'm wondering how the rinsing works out? Do you get most of it done in the sink and then finish in the shower? Because avocado in my shower... hmm...

3. Face cleanser: You can also use avocado as a facial cleaner. Who knew? No really...

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4. Eye therapy: I can't wait to try this idea for an avocado eye treatment. Just place a thin slice of avocado under each eye for 20 minutes. Watch those bags disappear.

5. Hand treatment: This avocado hand treatment exfoliates and moisturizes.  

Would you dare to get messy with your food like this?


Image via Steve Lupton/CORBIS

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