'Anchorman' Inspired Ice Cream Flavors We REALLY Wanted to See

ice cream scotchy scotch scotch Ben & Jerry's are experts when it comes to all things Ice Cream. They also know a thing or two about "funny" and "topical." It's a long-standing tradition at the company to christen their new flavors with funny, often pop-culturally inspired names. In the past, they've had flavors like "Schweddy Balls" after the popular SNL sketch, and their Liz Lemon-theme Greek yogurt.

Their latest contribution miiiiight be the best yet. That is because it is inspired by one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. "Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch" is a butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirl, inspired by the brilliant musings of one Mr. Ron Burgundy, as played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman.


Everyone's favorite '70s era fictional television news anchor is apparently delighted with the results. He even went so far as to issue a statement singing its praises and suggesting several other boozy names for flavors the ice cream makers should try. Classic Burgundy.

It got us thinking of other Anchorman-inspired ice cream flavors we'd like to see. Mull over their deliciousness as we all continue to bide our time until Anchorman 2 hits the big screen.

1. Sex Panther Sorbet

You could essentially use any flavor as the base, provided you included a swirl of pure, rotting garbage. It's the only ice cream sure to have you retching upon opening.

2. Corningstone's Delight

Veronica Corningstone, feminist icon, haver of great hair, and breaker of hearts. Ferrell's love interest should have an apple-based ice cream named after her. Because verily, she is saucy.

veronica corningstone

3. "I Killed a Man With a Trident"

He loves lamps. He fears menstruation. He is Brick Tamland, and he is the greatest. They should honor him with an ice cream flavor! If god is good, it will feature tiny chocolate squirrels.

brick tamland

4. The Rich Mahagony Madness

The flavor of this one is not important. What matters is the carton -- which is orange and white terrycloth.


5. The Stay Classy San Diego

We'll keep the butterscotch ice cream, but this one's no good unless it's drenched in hot fudge, with a soupcon of confusion.

ron burgundy

Are you going to try to the new flavor, or do you stick with your old favorites? It's hard to sway me away from Phish Food.


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