Freaky Zombie Pizza Prank Brings the Trick Back to Halloween (VIDEO)

zombie pizza prankIf you ask me, there's a disturbing imbalance between tricks and treats at Halloween. We have way too many treats, and not nearly enough tricks. Who can restore balance to this horrifyingly sweet holiday? A couple of brave pranksters are doing their part with the zombie pizza prank

Here's how it works. A barker stands on a sidewalk offering free pizza samples. There's a table next to him with a pizza box. Passers-by stop and lift the lid of the box and...


EW! A zombie pops out! Gross and scary. And it never gets old. I could watch people scream and back away all day. I love that one time when the girl seems to be onto the joke, so the zombie pops out from under the table. Who knew the undead could be so clever.

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They'll never be hungry for pizza again. Until tomorrow. If they live that long... mwa ha ha ha ha!

Okay, but seriously. I think the experience of expecting pizza and then seeing a creepy zombie pop out at me would put me off pizza for a while. You know, by association. I think I'd just keep seeing that face instead of delicious melted cheese and tomato sauce, you know? But it's pizza, so... I'd get over it eventually.

Anyway, hilarious idea. I almost want to replicate the same thing in front of my home this year during trick or treating -- there are way too many people on my block giving out treats and too few pulling tricks!

What do you think of this Halloween prank?


Image via PrankvsPrank/YouTube

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