6 Totally Bizarre Pet Products You Never Knew You Really Needed (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Oct 21, 2013 Food & Party
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  • Beer for Dogs


    Image via Bowser Beer

    Cats aren't the only animals who like their non-alcoholic beverages. Bowser Beer is made with USDA beef and malt barley. And you can get your bottle label customized with a photo of your pooch.

  • Pet Sweep


    Image via Prank Pack

    You really aren't making your pet earn his keep, are you? Change that by strapping these mop slippers on his paws and then watch as he glides around the house, sweeping up dirt and dust. 

  • Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket


    Image via Japan Trend Shop

    Admit it: your cat wouldn't have a clue what to do in an earthquake. Make a disaster easier to handle by having this flame-retardant evacuation jacket handy. It contains a food bowl, rain hood and rubber booties, waterproof ID capsule, and bell. 

  • Automatic Self-Cleansing Robot Litter Box


    Image via Litter-Robot

    I don't care how lazy I would be making my cat if I bought her one of these self-cleaning litter boxes. You only live once, and if I get to live my life as a pet owner who doesn't have to continually scoop up poop, more power to me. 

  • Kitty Wigs!


    Image via Kitty Wigs

    As one of the most beautiful animals ever created, I'm not sure why kitties require wigs. But I also don't care because I want to own all of these -- especially this one called Bashful Blonde. 

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