6 Totally Bizarre Pet Products You Never Knew You Really Needed (PHOTOS)

It's no secret that many cat owners treat their kitties like members of the royal family. And who wouldn't admit to liking their pets even more than certain cousins? Well now, thanks to a Japanese company called B&H Life, there's no reason you can't let your little fur baby ring in the good times same as any other festive human might -- with a little vino. That's right, you can now pour your kitty a goblet of red cat wine called Nyan Nyan Nouveau whenever you, or your best friend, has had a rough day. 


The product doesn't, of course, actually contain alcohol. It's created from Cabernet grapes, vitamin C, and catnip. The small, adorable bottles cost $4 each, but the company is only putting out 1,000 bottles because I guess it realizes cats don't actually give a hoot about tasty beverages that aren't milk. And speaking of milk and other foods/liquids I thought cats weren't supposed to consume, aren't grapes on that list? I'm going to guess B&H Life spent enough time testing this product to ensure its safety, and I'm also going to assume the wine contains a very small amount of actual grape. But that would definitely be on my mind.

Know what else would be on my mind? If I give my cat wine at Christmas dinner, my family is going to try and have me locked up. Oh also, my cat's daily vomiting spells are going to be so much more disgusting to clean up when they smell like Cabernet. I did my time cleaning up after boozy friends in college. No, no, my kitty is my baby and not my dorm roommate. There will be no cat wine in our future.

With that said, it's really no crazier than some of the other zany pet products that have hit the market -- check out the slideshow to see five of the most bizarre things you can buy for your dog or cat.

Would you buy wine for your cat?


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