Stranger Pays a Mom’s Restaurant Bill After Overhearing Her Terrible News

diner's noteI love a good story about a random act of kindness, don't you? A man dining alone just happened to notice the mother and daughter sitting at the next table over. They were dealing with terrible news -- so he picked up their restaurant tab. Such a simple gesture, but I have to think it must have softened the women's pain just a little. Can you imagine getting terrible news -- and then learning that someone out there wanted to make things better for you, in their own small way?


A waiter noticed the mother and daughter crying at their table. About halfway through their meal, the single man sitting at the next table passed him a note -- which the waiter later posted on Reddit. It read, "Do me a favor and bring me their check, too. Someone just got diagnosed. Don't tell them."

It's interesting that he mentioned that someone had just been diagnosed. I think he probably wanted to make it clear that he wasn't hitting on either of them -- that would have been creepy and weird under the circumstances. (Paying a stranger's bill as a romantic gesture isn't creepy and weird in an of itself, just when the recipient is in the middle of an emotional crisis.) Obviously remaining anonymous was the best thing to do, too. I think when you remain anonymous in a good deed, the feelings of gratitude spread wider, and that's better for everyone.

Paying someone else's restaurant tab isn't going to change bad news. But it can fill you with some of the positive energy you'll need to deal with it, whatever that bad news is.

Have you ever paid someone's restaurant bill anonymously?


Image via Whiskkas/Reddit

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