7 Sweet Ways to Use Candy Corn for Halloween Decor

candy corn pinHands down, Candy corn wins the award for the most controversial cult classic Halloween candy of all time. Some people are not ashamed at all to say they absolutely hate it. Others think that it should be in every single corner of their house and probably gobble it down while simultaneously going to town on as many PSLs as their Starbucks budget will allow for. But hey, to each their own right?

While candy corn as an actual treat is an obvious point of contention, more of us can agree that the sweet works wonders for seasonal decor!

Here, seven fun DIY ways to put those copious amounts of candy corn to good use on Halloween decorations ... 

  1. Candy corn vase - Fill up a clear cylindrical vase with candy corn galore and then follow these simple instructions to create candy corn branches for a quirky, Willy Wonka-ish centerpiece!
  2. Halloween cards - Nothing brings holiday spirit to your own or loved ones' homes like greeting cards decorated with ... you guessed it, candy corn! Check out these owl or bat motifs!
  3. Candy corn balls - These easy-to-make spiky 'n' sweet spheres could be used to punch up the Halloween fun in any nook or cranny of your home. All you need to do is gather a few Styrofoam spheres and hot-glue the bases of candy corns round and round the balls. Display them atop containers or in a bowl.
  4. Table runner - Why go with a boring ol' table runner made of fabric when you can have one made of CANDY CORN!? Using a measuring stick to create a straight edge on both sides of your tablecloth, lay down loads of the candy. You can then display candles, pumpkins, or anything else harvest or Halloween-y ontop of the sweet makeshift runner!
  5. Candy corn banner - Okay, it's not utilizing actual candy corn, but a candy corn-themed banner is a cute way to pull the candy's aesthetic into your Halloween fete!
  6. Candy corn mason jars - Like #5, you don't need the candy itself to create these adorably-painted mason jars, but you could definitely use them to store the candy! Or drink candy corn vodka cocktails out of!
  7. Candy corn frame - Call me crazy, but I love the idea of using Tori Spelling's Starburst Candy Corn Chevron Inspired photo frame to showcase the cutest Halloween pics you've got! 

Which of these candy corn crafts would you try? Is there another fun one we're forgetting?

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