Bathroom-Themed Restaurants Are Your Worst Dining Nightmares Come True

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magic restroom cafeThere are some things in this world I cannot for the life of me explain. Here is one of them: Bathroom-themed restaurants. This is a thing, people. This is a real, live, trending thing. There's a bunch of them out there and they keep building more. And no, it's not just happening in some far-off country. The Magic Restroom Cafe, America's first bathroom-themed restaurant, just opened in Los Angeles. You could totally go there! Make a road-trip out of it. The whole family would love it and by the whole family I mean your scatalogically-minded children but certainly not you because WHY WOULD ANY ADULT FIND THIS APPEALING?

Here are a few details grabbed from various bathroom-themed restaurants around the world, just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with.

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  • Plush cushions in the shape of little poufs of poo.
  • Toilets instead of banquettes or chairs.
  • Menu items such as "black poop" (chocolate sundae) and "golden poop" rice.
  • Food served in what appears to be tiny toilet bowls.
  • Drinks served in tiny urinals.
  • Poo-shaped overhead lighting.
  • A giant toilet.
  • Toilets, toilets, everywhere.

You get the picture. At least all of these, um, "features" don't show up in the same restaurant. But yeah ... basically I don't understand this at all. I kind of feel like it would take me about 100 hours of deep, focused meditation and maybe even a week at an ashram to come even close to comprehending the mind of the bathroom-themed restaurant enthusiast.

Maybe they're just more evolved than I am. Maybe they're "over" the grossness of their own bowels and can relax and enjoy the joke. Not me. (Even though I obviously poo rainbows and butterflies, just so we're clear on that.) I am so not evolved enough for this idea. Oh Lord, my butt cheeks are clenching at the mere thought. You guys knock yourselves out. I'm sticking with the restaurant-themed restaurants.

Would you ever eat at a bathroom-themed restaurant?


Image via Yelp

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Rhodin Rhodin

Eating and pooping at the same time is probably very efficient.

GirlB... GirlBrittn3y

I would love to eat there, just to say i have! I dont know how much i would actually be able to eat, cuz i might become sick. I would still try it though!

thatg... thatgirl70

My 6 year old would probably think it was hilarious. You know 6 year olds and poop...and fart and...

grous... grousseau

No way, No Thanks and WTH are people thinking?!?

nonmember avatar jl

When my toilet looks like that, I call plumber.

cnsam... cnsamommy

That's just nasty!

Tyrone Bush

Gives new meaning to poo poo platter.

nonmember avatar rosa

I have said plenty of times that something looks like poop or vomit BUT alot of the times it ends up tasting great!! i think its funny and it just shows dnt judge a book by its cover

lulab... lulabellalula

omg. you people are such party poopers! <- yes, pun intended. I have been to the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei & let me tell you, it is not only wildly popular but also pretty darn tasty. They serve curry style foods & yes, in little toilet bowls & urinals & you can even buy them to take home yourself. It is fun, original & why the hell not?? Are Americans so snooty & "upscale" that we can't have a little fun while eating? the food doesn't LOOK like poop or smell like it for god sakes. There are tons of themed restaurants out there that are popular & for people who aren't afraid to try new things. Have a little fun, widen your experiences & try it! what could it hurt?? seriously. 

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