20 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Food

cupcakesFood and lies, lies and food. These two things go together in all sorts of ways that make me uncomfortable. I'm getting indigestion just thinking about the lies I tell myself about food. I mean, is there any other thing on earth so ripe for deception? Here's just a mere sampling of the many lies I tell myself about food.

  1. Drinking diet soda/sugar-free drinks will cancel out the calories of whatever else I'm eating.
  2. The hole at the center of every donut makes it healthier.
  3. Eating more of some sad, crappy low-calorie, fat-free dessert-like food is healthier than eating a real goddamn piece of chocolate cake.
  4. I'm positive I can digest that street food just fine, no problem.
  5. I'm just going to have one little potato chip, that's all.
  6. This chicken smells a little funky, but I'm sure it's fine.
  7. If I use a bigger spoon I'll actually eat less ice cream. Or is it a bigger bowl?
  8. Drinking a margarita is practically like eating one serving of fruit.
  9. Yup, this fat-free yogurt tastes just as good as full-fat yogurt.
  10. I don't want a whole dessert to myself. I just want one bite of yours.
  11. Everyone knows drinking vodka kills off any salmonella or E. coli in your dinner.
  12. This elaborate Persian dish will take no time for me to prepare at all.
  13. I know my kids are going to love this pumpkin souffle.
  14. Drinking a green juice is like eating a whole salad.
  15. I know I've never enjoyed eating sea urchins ever in my life, but this time is going to be different.
  16. I can definitely eat these beets while wearing white jeans and nothing bad will happen.
  17. Of course I can cook dinner and watch Scandal at the same time.
  18. This puffed rice cake will be satisfying and filling, I'm sure of it.
  19. I think that soup needs a little more salt.
  20. Yup, eating this yogurt for dessert is every bit as fun as eating ice cream for dessert.

What lies about food do you tell yourself?


Image via Joy Skipper FoodStyling/the food passionates/Corbis




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