10 Things to Do With Candy Corn Besides Eat It

candy corn walrusI'm going to be straight up with you here: I hate candy corn. If you love candy corn and are already feeling your blood pressure rise in defense of the classic Halloween candy, you may want to just skip this post. But if you're a hater, gather 'round ye olde bonfire. I'm going to tell you all about the many things you can do with candy corn besides eat it. Because actually putting those orange and yellow blech pods into your mouth and chewing them and swallowing them is absolutely the worst thing you could possibly do with candy corn.

  1. Candy corn walrus. Or whatever is happening in this photo. If you have to insert candy corn into an orifice, might as well be your nostrils.
  2. Halloween My Little Unicorn. Give your My Little Pony a Halloween-themed makeover by gluing a candy corn on its forehead. It's magic!
  3. Candy corn rain stick. Take an empty paper towel roll. Pour in candy corn. Cover on either side with tape. Shake to make noise. Annoying taste, meet annoying sound!
  4. Mouse bait. Trouble with little pests? Take a trap, add a dab of peanut butter, and smoosh in some candy corn. Death by candy corn!
  5. Candy corn vase filler. Fill a vase full of candy corn. Insert dead twigs. Pretty! Works with candles, too.
  6. Candy corn necklace. String candies on thread. Wear on Halloween. Warning: Do not attempt to wear candy corn necklace if it's rainy.
  7. Candy corn wreath. Simply glue candy corn around Styrofoam circle and -- wait, don't you have more interesting things to do?
  8. Defend your moat. I don't know where you live, but perhaps you have local marauders who keep trying to invade your castle? Melt down a great cauldron of candy corn. When the marauders invade, simply pour candy corn out the window on top of their heads.
  9. Candy corn chair. This is basically the same idea as a bean bag chair, only filled with candy corn instead of those little Styrofoam balls. Not recommended for humid climates.
  10. Navigation system. Going for a walk through the woods? Don't get lost, Hansel and Gretel. Drop a steady stream of candies no one wants to eat behind you. Their bright colors are easy to follow on your way back.

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How else could you use candy corn?


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