8 Kinds of Halloween Candy Everybody Hates

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  • Circus Peanuts


    Image via KateMonkey/Flickr

    Circus peanuts support the argument for the non-existence of a higher power. Is it a peanut? Absolutely not. Does it taste like a peanut? If a peanut, to you, tastes like the foam you might find inside the couch cushions of a serial killer, than yes! While it looks orange, it's flavored like bananas. It's as deceptive as it is vile. The only reason to even hold one is for the purpose of shaking it while yelling, "WHY ARE THESE STILL BEING MADE?" 

  • Dots


    Image via candynation.com

    Dots, they're just a dental emergency in a box. Stay outta our T&T bags, please.

  • Raisins


    Image via jet.com

    Nature's candy, hmmph. Mother Nature can keep her so-called candy to herself on Halloween.

  • Jordan Almonds


    Image via jet.com

    Stick to Easter, you pastel-looking (and tasting) almonds. Uck! 

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