8 Kinds of Halloween Candy Everybody Hates (PHOTOS)

halloween costume crying
I love any holiday that gives me an opportunity to eat a diet comprised of the five food groups: Candy, candy, candy, candy, and also candy. So it's no wonder Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. (I'm also fond of Thanksgiving for pie-related reasons.) Still, there are some candies so gross that even I, their most diligent consumer, won't feast upon them. 


During Halloween is when they tend to rear their foul heads. Be you trick-or-treater or adult, make no mistake -- these are the Halloween candies you're bound to let sit at the bottom of the bowl until Easter.

We know them, we are grossed out by them, and now they are back, haunting us with their stale, funky tastes. In case you needed reminding of their general awfulness, we've compiled a slideshow of the worst Halloween candies in existence. Click through to see if your least fave made the list.

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Image via Radharani/shutterstock

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