The 1 Miracle Kitchen Gadget You Didn't Even Realize You Needed

nibble cake panSo here's something I didn't even realize I needed. It's called the nibble cake pan, and it's a cake pan with a little cupcake-sized pocket where you can bake a little batter just for tasting. Oh cake pan maker, HOW DID YOU KNOW? Who hasn't pulled out a cake from the oven, inhaled its golden deliciousness, and wished you could just cut off a little piece to taste? Sure, if you're making a layer cake, you get to slice off a bit of the top for a flat level. But that's a crusty piece that doesn't give you the full spongy stuff you're really craving.

This is a brilliant idea. And it's got me thinking of all the other little non-essential kitchen gadgets I wish someone would invent for me.


1. Dish-washing splash guard. Have you experienced spoon betrayal? It's when you're washing dishes and streaming water splashes back at you from a spoon. Actually, I don't need spoon betrayal to get soaked washing dishes. I'm a mess even without the spoons. Some help, please?

2. Third hand. Because that big pot is heavy, and you need two hands to pick it up and tilt it, plus a third hand to scrape the whatever out of it. And you're the only adult home. I'm okay with a magic disembodied hand just as long as it stays on the job and doesn't get any ideas.

3. Oven mitt for my oven mitt. Those newfangled silicone oven mitts aren't worth shit. They only work for about 10 seconds, and then the heat comes searing through. Actually, maybe we just need better oven mitts.

4. Bandage dispenser/applicator. You know how hard it is to apply a bandage to your own cut thumb? You kind of need both hands to peel off the backing and get it just right; plus, you're already holding on to a compress to keep from bleeding to death. There must be an easier way!

What kitchen gadgets do you wish someone would invent?


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