Amy's Baking Company Makes a Job Offer That's Hard to Refuse

amy's baking companyI love my job here at The Stir, and I love living in New York City. But if I could do anything else, I think I'd be applying to work at Amy's Baking Company right now. Yes, I'm serious. The notorious restaurant just posted a notice on their Facebook page: "We are currently hiring/casting servers and bussers for the upcoming filming of our Reality TV show!" They're asking for resumes and head shots, which means only the photogenic need apply.

Working for ABC -- on television?!? Sounds like a recipe for stress, anxiety, and humiliation. And yet ... the casting call also sounds irresistible.  


It's not for everyone. I get that. But if you've got a strong personality and can take whatever gets thrown at you (that could be literally, who knows), it could be a fun adventure. I mean, let's be real. (Haha, you see what I did there? Never mind ...) It's television, so there's a high degree of make-believe and artifice, even for reality TV. It's not your real life. Think of it as a big, messy theater production where you get to play with food.

Just make sure you take your meds.

Okay, sure, Samy yells a lot, even when he's not angry. Amy is NOT afraid of confrontation. You may find some of the flavor profiles of the food a little baffling. You're going to have to wrestle control of the computer away from Samy. It's going to be a total circus. You'll come home with burns on your fingers and shattered nerves. Actually, I hear that's the case no matter which kitchen you work in.

But ask yourself, are you going to regret not applying for this job? There's this amazing quote I love from the novel Anna Karenina, "I'd rather end up wishing I hadn't than wishing I had." Okay, most of us know what happened to Anna. (Spoiler alert: She throws herself under a train.) Maybe that's not the wisest philosophy. But who says we all have to be wise? I just think it sounds like a hoot. Somebody, please tell me you're sending your resume and headshots!

Would you dare apply to work for Amy's Baking Company?


Image via FOX

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