Katherine Webb's Steamy Hamburger Ad Turns Eating Into a Spectator Sport (VIDEO)

katherine webb carl's jrHas it been a few months? I guess it's time for another sexy hamburger ad. Here's Katherine Webb licking her fingers over Carl's Jr.'s Buffalo Blue Cheeseburger, as you do. Remember when she was Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend, and announcer Brent Musburger verbally salivated all over her on air? No? Well, anyway, that happened. It was in January. And this is a spoof of the incident, with an announcer lusting over the burger Katherine is eating instead of over her -- get it? Haha.


Ho hum, another hamburger ad clearly not created for my demographic (women over 35 who own napkins). The ad features exceptional lines, such as: "I think that's 100 percent black Angus." "Well I'm 100 percent excited!" Oh, what, you think I'm just another bitter woman who hates watching objectification and food in the same commercial?

I'll have you know I look EXACTLY like this when I eat hamburgers. I even wear the same outfit. And when I do eat a hamburger, I make sure to devour it in a football stadium with a spotlight. Everyone moves out of my way because of how hot I am. (You mean this doesn't happen to everyone? Teeterteeterteeter.) My hamburger eating is better, though, because they set up a better wind tunnel that blows my hair more dramatically. You really need your hair blown out of the way when you're eating a burger dressed with blue cheese and hot sauce.

Actually, that kind of sounds tasty.

What do you think of the new Carl's Jr. ad?


Image via CarlsJr/YouTube

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