Get in the Halloween Spirit With These Creepy Treats From Around the World!

century eggIt's almost the spookiest time of the year. Halloween! If you're me, that means bolting all the doors and praying the ghosts of your ancestors do not return and insist you avenge their murders perpetrated by a malicious supernatural entity (....). But for everyone else it means candy, costumes, and all things creepy, crawling, and crusty!

Let's check out some of the creepier dishes served around the world. We're not suggesting you go out and try any of them, but maybe it's not a bad idea -- see the world, gentle The Stir reader. If you'd rather not, that is also okay. You can sit in your chair, warming the seat, and checking out these creepy foods from different parts of the earth-orb to get you ready for the day wherein my family will finally be avenged Halloween!

We've collected five foods sure to give you the willies (giggity). Read on for some strange delicacies from around the globe. Remember, what's one man's parasite is simply another's afternoon snack. Also maybe do not put any of these in the baskets of eager Trick-or-Treaters. Or do. And write to us from jail.

What's the creepiest food you'd be willing to try?


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sandc... sandcastlelove

Casu Marzu, a type of Italian cheese that goes beyond regular fermentation by leaving maggots in the cheese until it practically decomposes. It was considered a delicacy in a region of Italy, and was actually banned for a while. So basically it's cheese with maggots in it.

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