Lucky Grocery Shoppers Find $100 Bills Randomly Stuffed Inside Food Boxes (VIDEO)

So imagine you're grocery shopping and decide, against your better judgment, to pick up a box of Oreos. There, you find not only calories, sugar, and fat -- but a $100 bill! This is apparently happening all over grocery stores in Salem, Washington, and dang if we don't know where we need to do our grocery shopping! Stores all over town have reported the mysterious $100 bills popping up in cookie boxes, egg cartons, other food stuffs, and shopping carts. No one knows who is leaving the money. But people are totally grateful!


One man found two $100 bills in a Walmart. After finding the first, he decided to take his chances with the cookie section, where there were only three boxes of cookies left. He reportedly turned over one box and found the stash.

One customer, named Phil, told a local media outlet that the money couldn't have come at a better time:

My girlfriend is in the hospital with renal failure. I'm driving to OHSU [in Portland] every day. So $20 in gas each way, it's comes at a very opportune time for me.

Another customer, Jennifer Smith-Poelz, found $100 in a box of ice cream:

I just think this is the coolest thing ever. Whoever is doing this has brightened so many people's days. I wish I had ample amounts of cash to be able to surprise people like this. I mean, it's fabulous.

Store owners said they have no idea who is dropping the cash (does no one have surveillance cameras??) but confirm that the bills are the real deal.

Besides the fact that it's kind of scary that someone can wander around grocery stores opening up food boxes and stuffing them with something -- which, let's face it, isn't very safe -- for now, let's just concentrate on the good deed this person is doing.

I mean, leaving behind $100 bills everywhere? And especially in grocery stores, knowing that the people there who find the cash will probably use it to pay off their food bills? This person must just be getting such a thrill doing these good works and doing it anonymously. And he or she isn't just leaving small amounts -- one store alone said that customers have found at least $2,000.

But good thing this isn't happening in New York City, where you'd likely get arrested for picking up unattended cash!

Makes you wonder what this person's deal is. Is he or she just filthy rich? Is the person dying and wants to spend his or her money doing something good? Did the person have a stroke and wake up with "generosity disease"?

Whatever the reason, I bet people are lining up to food shop in Salem!

Have you ever found a great deal of money?


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