Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Recipe Has a Trick Up Its Sleeve

candy corn sugar cookies recipePoor candy corn. It may be the most hated on candy of all time. But it's so pretty! And few things scream "Halloween" quite like those bright orange and yellow candies. So what if there was a way to improve upon it, to make a Halloween treat that borrows the look of the little candies but doesn't have the weird flavor? Candy corn sugar cookies are the answer!

As the name suggests, these are old-fashioned sugar cookies with that sweet but not TOO sweet taste. But there's a trick to these cookies. They look like candy corn, but they don't taste like it!

See? All the fun color for a fall party but no controversy! Is this recipe perfect, or what?


Candy Corn Sugar Cookies, adapted from Catch My Party:


Sugar cookie dough (you can buy slice and bake dough, but I love this recipe for easy homemade cookies that taste delicious)

Orange and yellow food coloring (if you don't have orange, combine red and yellow)

candy corn sugar cookies recipeInstructions:

1. Split your dough into five even pieces. Set aside one chunk of the dough. That will be your white "candy corn" tops.

2. Combine two chunks of dough to and set aside, then combine  your last two chunks of dough. You'll be left with three separate pieces of dough, one of which is much smaller than the other.

3. Add orange food coloring to one of the larger chunks of dough and mix until you have the hue you want.

4. Add yellow food coloring to the other larger chunk until it's a color you like.

5. Shape each colored dough into a long rectangle of equivalent length.

6. Stack the three rectangles, one on top of another, starting with the orange bottom, then yellow in the middle, and finish with the white top.

7. Using your hands, push the three separate doughs together, shaping into a triangle. The white should come to a tip, while the orange bottom remains square.

8. Place the dough on its side, and slice into cookies. I found it was easier to slip the whole thing into the fridge for about half an hour before actually slicing because my hands had heated up the dough so much.

9. Bake according to the directions of your sugar cookie dough (usually around 8 to 10 minutes at 375, but you'll want to double check).

10. Serve!

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Do you eat real candy corn?


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