Chickens Are Being Fed Figs & Crostini So Rich People Can Eat Good Chicken -- Yes, Really

chickensYou've probably heard the phrase 'farm-to-table' tossed around at fancy restaurants lately. But I bet you haven't heard of the table-to-farm movement. That's right. This is when the food you don't finish at a classy restaurant is sent back to the farm where they get rid of it in a very unusual way.

Poultry farmers are on a quest to make your chicken as tasty as possible. One company in particular has gone above beyond. Forget free-range and forget organic. This farm has begun feeding their chickens the scraps from some of the most high-end restaurants in the world.


That's right. While I'm sitting here drinking cold, instant coffee and crunching on dried out carrot sticks, there are chickens eating food I can only dream of. I guess in theory I too could eat so well -- if I ate one of those birds. Still, it seems like they get the last laugh. Oh sure, they're dead and being eaten, but not before digesting a meal I'd have to save for months to enjoy. 

While I appreciate people taking what they do seriously, I can't seem to get my eyebrows to lower. What's next? Are we going to start giving cows pedicures? You know they'd get into gel polish. I'm all about treating animals with respect while they're alive, but let's draw a line. This is my dinner we're talking about.

Do you think this is a good idea or just plain crazy?


Image via SMcGarnigle/Flickr

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