Kangaroo Burger Latest Addition to Restaurant’s Shocking Menu

I'm all about broadening your culinary horizons. Just because something sounds horrifying (bone marrow) doesn't mean it won't be absolutely delicious. Still, certain restaurants definitely push their luck when it comes to bizarre ingredients. Take this one in Southern California that's started serving a burger that's half-bacon and half-kangaroo. Yeah, you heard me. Kangaroo!

They had me at bacon. After all, who wouldn't love the concept of blending the awesomeness of a burger with the sheer magnificence of bacon? But they messed up big time when they decided what my dinner needed was a soupcon of marsupial.


They try to disguise the fact that they've filled your burger with Australia's cutest animal in their presentation. The burger is topped with melted brie, thick cut bacon, huckleberry ketchup, crushed macadamia ricotta on a bed of baby greens, radish slices, and sandwiched by a honey wheat bun. But there's no escaping the fact that you are eating something that used to have a pouch for baby storage.

Next thing you know, they'll be trying to convince folks that dogs are the new kale. I know each culture is different, but can't we all just agree that if it looks like you might cuddle with it, then maybe we should just not cook it? I'd rather pay to eat a 100 percent bacon burger (which they also sell) while watching a kangaroo box the chef who thought cooking him was a good idea.

Would you ever eat a 'roo burger?


Image via Scott_Calleja/Flickr

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