7 Restaurants Most Famous For Their Epic Lines (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 18, 2013 Food & Party

shake shackI will never understand this trend of standing in long lines for "it" foods. Yesterday people in New York City waited in line for FOUR HOURS just to get a taste of the cronut custard concrete shakes being served at Shake Shack (for one day only). First of all, don't these people have jobs, things to do, lives to live?!? Secondly, what the hell is so fantastic about cronut shakes, anyway? Aren't the cronuts going to get soggy in there? Since when are pastries mixed into ice cream actually appealing? I don't understand. "Totally worth the four-hour wait," tweeted one eater who has probably never loved a human being.

But it's not just New York and our #$%&ing cronut obsession. There are restaurants all over the country that draw crowds so large, you have to wait hours for a table.

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