Marketing Healthy Foods to Kids Just Got A Lot Easier Thanks to Michelle Obama (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 18, 2013 Food & Party

appleThe First Lady Michelle Obama knows that the way food is marketed to kids is everything. She's calling together a summit on food marketing. She hopes that by bringing together media and food marketing executives, we can find a new way to market healthy foods and someday banish the pervasive junk food ads from the screen.

But how do you make a peanut as compelling as peanut brittle? How do you convince kids that a glass of water is as exciting as a green soda? It's a tough problem, but an important key to solving the childhood obesity epidemic.

Junk food commercials are fun and flashy. If you could advertise fruits, vegetables and water to kids in a way to make them seem just as appealing, you'd hit the healthy advertising jackpot. All of this got us rethinking about how we approach our favorite healthy snacks.

We've compiled a slide show re-imagining how our favorite healthy snacks could attract a younger audience. Get ready, we're about to change the way you watch snack-food commercials! Read on for a delicious taste of what we've got in mind.

What healthy foods would you try advertising to kids?


Image via Tdring/Flickr

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