Marketing Healthy Foods to Kids Just Got A Lot Easier Thanks to Michelle Obama (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes This Just In

appleThe First Lady Michelle Obama knows that the way food is marketed to kids is everything. She's calling together a summit on food marketing. She hopes that by bringing together media and food marketing executives, we can find a new way to market healthy foods and someday banish the pervasive junk food ads from the screen.

But how do you make a peanut as compelling as peanut brittle? How do you convince kids that a glass of water is as exciting as a green soda? It's a tough problem, but an important key to solving the childhood obesity epidemic.

Junk food commercials are fun and flashy. If you could advertise fruits, vegetables and water to kids in a way to make them seem just as appealing, you'd hit the healthy advertising jackpot. All of this got us rethinking about how we approach our favorite healthy snacks.

We've compiled a slide show re-imagining how our favorite healthy snacks could attract a younger audience. Get ready, we're about to change the way you watch snack-food commercials! Read on for a delicious taste of what we've got in mind.

What healthy foods would you try advertising to kids?


Image via Tdring/Flickr

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