Pranksters Tip $200 for Laughs & Almost Make Servers Cry (VIDEO)

tipping 200Have you ever eaten out, left a tip, and then watched to see how your server reacted to your tip? Andrew Hales, who does pranking videos on his YouTube show LAHWF, got together with pal Stuart Edge to pull the kind of joke we can all get behind: They left $200 tips for their servers. The best part of the video is when you see how those servers react to picking up that wad of cash.

The guys pull the tipping prank on three different people, and all three are simply thrilled, of course. But what's really interesting is that two of the servers were also relieved because they were actually in a financial pinch, and that unexpected bonus really helped. It makes you think about the difference your tip can make in someone else's life.


Obviously we can't all leave $200 tips. I sure can't! But we do what we can. One of the servers points out that he makes barely over $2 an hour. It kind of makes you wonder if servers' wages are so low, why not just pay them more and get rid of tipping altogether? But since that's not happening at most restaurants in the U.S., tipping is important.

I loved seeing how the servers reacted. I was kind of cringing when they filmed the servers thanking the guys for the tips -- that's just a bit self-serving (ahem) I think. But that's when we find out what the big tips mean to the waitstaff, so I can see why it was left in. Still, don't you think the gracious thing to do would be to just slip away quietly?

Anyway, with all the tipping horror stories we read all the time, this was a welcome treat. Finally, someone trying to balance out the negativity! Hope this inspires those who can give extra.

Have you ever left an extra generous tip?


Image via LAHWF/YouTube

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