6 Things Your Lunch Choices Could Be Saying About You (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 17, 2013 Food & Party

lunchLunch is a tricky meal. Most of us eat it frantically, either over our desks or on the go throughout our day. At breakfast we can often eat at a more leisurely pace. At dinner we have time to have fun and explore different recipes to be shared with the whole family.

But this doesn't mean our lunch has to be joyless! In fact, our lunch can provide a pretty interesting window into our personalities. Read on to find out what your lunch says about you!

Are you super-organized? Maybe you're a health-conscious luncher. I bet there's a fair number of you who don't remember to eat lunch at all! We've put together a slideshow of 5 common types of lunches. See if your next midday meal is revealing something surprising about you.


  • The Organized Thermal Packed Luncher


    Image via Piutus/Flickr

    Your motto: A place for everything, and everything in its place. Not only are you more likely to prep your lunch the night before work, but you probably race to get the empty containers into the wash when you get home. Frugal, thoughtful, and meticulous -- you are organized above all else. You probably always have a stain stick, Tylenol, and Band-Aids on hand. You're a good luncher to know, my friend!

  • The Tiffin Luncher


    Image via PSD/Flickr

    You're a little bit adventurous, but really you're a homebody at heart. Food is important to you, and nothing says "happy tummy" like something warm and fresh for lunch. For you, comfort is king. You'll take a rainy day under the blankets over a hike into the mountains any day of the week.

  • The Yogurt Luncher


    Image via Dan4th/Flickr

    Food isn't the last thing on your mind, but it's close. You aren't so frazzled that you forget to pack a lunch, but you might be just frazzled enough to forget to buy groceries. You're a busy, vaguely health-aware person, but pleasing your palate still ranks high on your list of to-dos.

  • The Day-Old Pizza Luncher


    Image via jeffk/Flickr

    To you, the office is the last place on earth you want to be. Life is for living! You just want to have a good time. You're impulsive, carefree, and you've got a taste for everything the world has to offer. Some days it might be caviar, other days, stale, day-old pizza to quell the agony of your champagne hangover. Rock on with your bad self.

  • The No Luncher


    Image via caitlinantor/Flickr

    Oh poor, little lunchless you! There are a couple of different types of No Lunchers. The first are just so busy that food is the last thing on their mind. They only remember to eat when a loved one sticks food into their gaping, stressed out mouths. The other types of No Lunchers prefer to graze on snacks throughout the day rather than eat one meal. They do this because they read once it was the surefire way to live forever. They are more productive than we will ever be and will go on one day rule the world. Good, more sandwiches for the rest of us.


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