Is This Heart-Shaped Watermelon Worth the Cost? (VIDEO)

heart-shaped watermelonHere is a fact commonly known. Food that comes in funny shapes is infinitely tastier than regular old food. Chicken nuggets are fine, but when they arrive on your plate in the shape of dinosaurs, that's some next level awesome right there. This alone explains why there's a market for devices to chop your vegetables up into appealing designs.

This farm in Japan has taken the work out of making your food fun. Their specialty? They grow heart-shaped watermelons! Which is brilliant. Watermelon is already the greatest. By making it heart-shaped you are only making it even better. How do the farmers do it?


They actually grow the fruit that way! The highly-trained farmers have perfected a system that involves placing the fruit of the growing watermelon vine into a specially designed heart-shaped mold. Once there, all they have to do is care for the plant while the fruit takes the mold's shape over time.

If they can grow watermelons in the shape of hearts, what's next? Lightning bolts? Ponies? YES PLEASE. If the fun-factor hasn't won you over, here's something else to consider. Think about how much easier it would be to make room for these cute suckers in your fridge! That said, they do cost more than your average watermelon. But if you're buying it for a special occasion, it might be totally worth it!

Would you be willing to shell out the cash for this novelty product?


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