The World's 5 Stinkiest Foods That Taste Better Than They Smell (PHOTOS)

stinkyWhen we think of foods we love, we often think of the delicious scents that come with them. Fresh chocolate chip cookies are good, but it's the smell of them warm from the oven that makes them truly delicious. Apple pie is okay, but it's the way the aroma fills your home as it bakes that makes it extra special. 

But there are some foods that are exceptions to the rule. These rare delicacies may be delicious, but olfactory pleasure they do not provide. In fact, some might say they straight up bring both the noise AND the funk. 


We're coming at you with foods that could easily be confused with a teenage boy's gym bag. They may taste good, but they smell like a veritable barf sandwich. Check out our slideshow for which terrible smelling foods made the list, and where they rank on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 = "Did Someone Reheat Fish?" and 10 = "Who Pooped Into This Bag of Trash and Then Set It on Fire?" 

Check out our list and share your least-favorite smelling food in the comments! 

Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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