Waitress Scammed Out of $200K Tip By Monster Customer

big tippersWe have all heard stories of "guardian angel" types bestowing mammoth tips on hard-working waitresses. They are the sort of stories that always make your day. Nothing restores your faith in humanity more than learning about a generous person gifting someone deserving with money enough to change their lives forever.

But what about when guardian angels turn bad? This story being spread around the Internet is just that. It will change the way you view "big tip" stories forever. 


One waitress thought she had hit the mother-lode when a customer tipped her $200,000 on a $111 dollar bill. That's insane, right? That's what the overwhelmed waitress thought, too. She took the receipt to her manager who had to break the bad news to her. Credit card companies do not honor such excessive tips put on cards. Instead, they flag the entire receipt.

But there's more! Thinking she'd missed out on her big break, the waitress turned to the Internet for advice where she quickly learned that such big tips happen all the time -- and are a total scam! Often to get out of paying a bill altogether, a customer will add an excessive tip, knowing the charge will be marked as fraudulent. It happens more often than you think! 

It's the first time I've heard of this scam, and I can't get over it. It's one thing to see no problem with screwing over a restaurant. But it's another to screw over your hardworking server on top of that. Truly disgusting behavior. Hopefully, this fake guardian angel will be caught and brought to justice before they pull the same nonsense on another innocent food server. 

Can you believe the audacity of this customer?

Image via adam*b/Flickr

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