Waitress Fired for Stunningly Cruel Rant Against Native Americans

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bad tippersWaitresses have a lot to complain about. They are on their feet all day. They have to deal with demanding customers, frantic chefs, and so much more. Chief among their complaints -- bad tips. Who can blame them? Tips make up a huge part of their salary, and they depend on receiving them.

But tips aren't a given, they must be earned through good service. This doesn't just mean a warm smile and prompt delivery of your order, it extends to how you treat your customers as human beings. Two waitresses learned this lesson the hard way when they were fired for their racist treatment of customers.

The two girls in question posted a photo of one holding up a sign asking for donations because the Native Americans in town for an annual pow wow were bad tippers. It's not just awful that these two women had no problem bashing Native Americans, but that they thought it was okay to post this on Facebook! Stupidity is still no excuse for casual racism. Their boss agreed and, when the photo surfaced, fired them both.

A little griping when a customer leaves a less-than-reasonable tip for good service is within a waitress's rights. But posting racist images online when their tips don't pass muster? That's just more proof that the waitresses in question didn't deserve good tips to begin with.

Do you think that their boss was right to fire the girls?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

It speaks ill of the restaurant to have someone like that on staff. She gave them no choice but to fire her. 

Lots of people who work with the public bad mouth the people they have to deal with, most aren't stupid enough to leave evidence because they know it would cost them their job, and it's not going to be easy to find another with that type of picture floating around the internet.

Katha... Katharine205

I don't think this is anymore racist than the comments I hear all the time about dutch people being notoriously cheap or irish being drunks.  In my neck of the woods there's a lot of people of dutch descent (myself included) and it's a running joke around here about how cheap we are and what bad tippers we are but I've never once thought it was racist or demeaning.  She's still an idiot but I don't think she's a racist.

nativ... nativemama18

I'm half Native American I think it's Fucking dumb they singled us out I'm sure there where plenty other people coming in who where bad tippers .they got what they deserved .

danie... danielleapril

This was rude and stupid, but acknowledging a groups race isnt exactly rascist...

jkp-buff jkp-buff

I don't think it was racist at all. They were complaining about the attendees for the annual pow wow, complaining about the event attendees, not their race. I had the misfortune of accidentally being in town for business during this particular pow wow event one year, and I was appalled at the behavior of the vast majority of the attendees for the event. I didn't generalize that out to assume that all Native Americans behave this way. But to complain about the attendees for this particular event seems fair.

Would people be so riled up if they were complaining about the people they have to serve for comic con, or the people who show up for a specific music concert, or the Twilight fans who descend on a fan convention? It's just a fact that certain events bring attendees who are a PITA to deal with, sometimes even losing money for the business to the point that as business owners we would rather they had their event elsewhere. It's just that in this particular case, the attendees all happen to be of one race so anyone who complains about the attendees' behavior gets labeled racist.

jkp-buff jkp-buff

Once I worked in a hotel where a group would have a regular event in the area and fill every hotel for 50+ miles around for that particular weekend. As a customer you would think that we should be grateful for their business. Except that we lost a lot of money every weekend that group showed up. They would abuse the hotel's 100% satisfaction policy and 90% of them would get a 100% refund on their hotel stay every single time they stayed, usually complaining about problems they caused and rather than report early so it could be fixed, wait until checkout to complain and get a refund. If the manager refused to comp their room, they would call the national number, and the franchise would force the manager to comp the rooms. So every weekend they showed up, we would lose massive amounts of money basically housing them for free. That particularly group wasn't any particular race or protected group, so at least we didn't have to worry about being accused of being racist when we complained about having to deal with them every time they showed up in town.

BeccaLS BeccaLS

If the waitress was rude/dumb enough to do something like that, I somehow doubt her service was all that great to begin with. Maybe she didn't deserve a tip.

Her boss was completely right to fire her.

nonmember avatar Annie

Our generation needs to start remembering that the Internet is public domain and you can't hide from pictures, posts, blogs, comments for long. They should have been fired. That being said, work a pow wow once and you tell me if you wouldn't make the same sign(or at least want to.)

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