Waitress Fired for Stunningly Cruel Rant Against Native Americans

bad tippersWaitresses have a lot to complain about. They are on their feet all day. They have to deal with demanding customers, frantic chefs, and so much more. Chief among their complaints -- bad tips. Who can blame them? Tips make up a huge part of their salary, and they depend on receiving them.

But tips aren't a given, they must be earned through good service. This doesn't just mean a warm smile and prompt delivery of your order, it extends to how you treat your customers as human beings. Two waitresses learned this lesson the hard way when they were fired for their racist treatment of customers.


The two girls in question posted a photo of one holding up a sign asking for donations because the Native Americans in town for an annual pow wow were bad tippers. It's not just awful that these two women had no problem bashing Native Americans, but that they thought it was okay to post this on Facebook! Stupidity is still no excuse for casual racism. Their boss agreed and, when the photo surfaced, fired them both.

A little griping when a customer leaves a less-than-reasonable tip for good service is within a waitress's rights. But posting racist images online when their tips don't pass muster? That's just more proof that the waitresses in question didn't deserve good tips to begin with.

Do you think that their boss was right to fire the girls?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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